Static Management

Static Management is a fresh-faced and funky modelling, promotionís and talent agency, providing top-quality models and artists and promotional staff to photographers and film production companies, Venues, advertising, marketing and design agencies all over the UK.

In an industry,such as modelling, often regarded as cold and aloof, Static prides itself on being personal but professional, relaxed but thorough, enthusiastic but realistic.
Whether you are considering working with a modelling agency, or working as a freelance model you will need professional photos for a portfolio.

If you donít have a model portfolio, it will be near impossible to get work. A portfolio will give art directors, model agencies, advertising agencies and photographers an accurate indication of how well you photograph and how you appear in front of a camera.

Utilise your contacts:

Have you got a friend whoís a photographer that could take the shots?
Contacts who could take pictures of you for free, as part of a test shoot, or for a small fee?
Ask the photography department of your local University whether any students could take your pictures.
Students are always looking for models to use which form part of their assignments.
Pay a reputable photography/model agency to organise a shoot for you.

Always be wary of agencies that charge an extortionate fee and make unrealistic promises.

If you are still stuck we can refer a professional photographer to you.